Stakeholder groups

We have held meetings with several key groups, including faculty, students, administration, patients and area practitioners, and will continue to get feedback from all of the other stakeholder groups.

Under this tab you will find a list of the various stakeholder groups consulted on the plan’s development, the members of each group who  participated in the planning process, and any postings specific to each group.


Stakeholder group Committee representative
Administration Dr. Michael Healy
Alumni Dr. Mike McMunn
Clinic corporation Dr. Tom Waldrop
Community outreach Kim Isringhausen
Curriculum Meredith Baines
Faculty Dr. Peter Antinopoulos
Legislators and citizens Del. Frank Hall
Organized dentistry Dr. Terry Dickinson
Dr. Kirk Norbo
Patients Freda Pickle
Research faculty Dr. Todd Kitten
Staff Margaret Poland
Students Mary Catherine McGinn
Jacob Sheppard